New Hungarian ISC Fellows announced

ISC has announced its appointment of 100 new ISC Fellows – three of them are Hungarians.

2023. december 29.

Launched in 2022 with the election of the first 66 “Foundation Fellows”, the ISC Fellowship recognizes individuals for their outstanding contributions to the promotion of science as a global public good. The Fellowship is the highest honour that can be conferred on an individual by the International Science Council. Together with the 123 individuals that were appointed in 2022, the new ISC Fellows will support the Council in its mission at a critical moment for science for sustainability as we enter the UN’s International Decade of Sciences for Sustainable Development (IDSSD) in 2024.

MTA is pleased to announce that among the newly appointed Fellows, there are three eminent Hungarian figures: Professor Tamás Freund, neurobiologist, President of MTA and Chair of the Steering Committee of the 2024 World Science Forum and laureate of “The Brain Prize” (2011) – the world’s most prestigious brain research prize – ; and Dr Katalin Solymosi, plant biologist and assistant professor at ELTE Eötvös Loránd University, newly elected President of the Young Academy of Europe, who have been honoured with the ISC Fellowship as scientists; while Ambassador Csaba Kőrösi, a Hungarian diplomat and Former President of the UN General Assembly (77th session), has received the Honorary Fellowship, which can be awarded to thought leaders and public figures who are not scientists, but whose contributions to major scientific initiatives have promoted science for the global public good. 

Both ordinary and honorary Fellows provide a critical, diverse mass of special individuals who can supplement the insight, expertise and perspectives of ISC Member organizations.

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