Governing Board

This body co-ordinates the work of the Academy's top executives in conjunction with representatives from branches of science. Its membership consists of the leading officials and the representatives of each of the three major fields of study (i.e. mathematics and natural sciences, life-sciences, and social sciences).

The Board sets up standing committees to solve special tasks. These are: the Committee on International Relations, and the Social Welfare Committee.

Its members are

László Lovász
F.M., Chair, President of MTA

Ádám Török
F.M., Secretary-General of MTA

Beáta Mária Barnabás
C.M., Deputy Secretary-General of MTA

Tamás Freund
F.M., Vice-President of MTA

Lajos Vékás
F.M., Vice-President of MTA

Domokos Szász
F.M., Vice-President of MTA

István Fábián

Miklós Szabó

József Bokor

Tivadar Tulassay

Andrea Balla
Head of the President's Office, Secretary of the Board

Annamária Szabó
Head of the Secretary General's Office