The Lendület “Momentum” Programme

The Lendület “Momentum” Programme

The Lendület “Momentum” Programme aims to strengthen the community of young researchers in Hungary by attracting internationally acclaimed scientists and highly talented young researchers, either by hiring them from abroad or keeping them in Hungary, and at the same time to support young researchers in their efforts to become independent. The mission of the Programme is to support both excellence and mobility; accordingly, its purpose is to provide funding for research groups to be established at host research institutions to conduct research with the potential for ground-breaking results.

Presidential resolution on the Lendület “Momentum” Programme

Lendület “Momentum” Programme – ByLaws

Momentum Jury

Call for Applications

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences launches a call for applications to establish new Lendület “Momentum” research groups 2024–2029

Network of Momentum Research Groups

Momentum Research Groups 2024

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Featured Lendület Member: Anna Szécsényi-Nagy

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Featured Lendület Member: Andrea Toldy