Freedom of scientific research in Hungary is guaranteed by high-level regulations. The most important law regulating the activities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and conducting science is as follows:

The Fundamental Law of Hungary

(effective since 1 January, 2012)

Article X

(1) Hungary shall ensure the freedom of scientific research and artistic creation, the freedom of learning for the acquisition of the highest possible level of knowledge, and the freedom of teaching within the framework determined by law.

(2) The State shall not be entitled to decide on questions of scientific truth, and scientists shall have the exclusive right to evaluate any scientific research.

(3) Hungary shall defend the scientific and artistic freedom of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Hungarian Academy of Arts. All institutions of higher education shall be autonomous in terms of the contents and methodology of research and teaching, and their organisations and financial management shall be regulated by a special Act.

Article 9 3. § l)

The President of the Republic shall confirm the appointment of the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,

and m) shall form the organisation of his or her office.

An Aggregate of Academy Law XL of 1994 As Amended by Parliament in 2009, 2010 and 2011 with the Statutes and Procedures of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Both Amended in 2011

The Science Ethics Code

The 180th General Assembly approved the first Science Ethics Code of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences which declares that MTA wishes to preserve the scientific independence, integrity and authenticity of scientific research in Hungary.

The Memorandum of the Code furthermore states that MTA' Science Ethics Committee can act as a forum of appeal in cases decided by the science ethics committees of research institutes, higher-education, or other institutions and organisations.

The Science Ethics Code also declares that researchers should consider such concepts obligatory for themselves as honesty, reliability, objectivity, impartiality and independence, openness, duty, candour, and responsibility for future generations of scientists.

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