The Presidium of the Academy

Composed of the Academy's chief officials, of the chairs of the scientific sections and of members elected by the General Assembly, the Presidium is the principal decision-making body of the Academy in between General Assemblies. It is accountable for its decisions to same.

Presiding over the Presidium is the current President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA).

Members of the Presidium are

Voting members

Elected chief officers of the Academy

László Lovász, F.M.
President of MTA

Ádám Török, F.M.
Secretary-General of MTA

Beáta Mária Barnabás, F.M.
Deputy Secretary-General of MTA

Lajos Vékás, F.M.
Vice-President of MTA (social sciences)

József Bokor, F.M.
Vice-President of MTA (natural sciences)

Tamás Freund, F.M.
Vice-President of MTA (life sciences)

Elected chairs of the scientific sections

András Kertész, F.M.
Chair of Section I

György Hunyady, F.M.
Chair of Section II

Péter Pál Pálfy , F.M.
Chair of Section III

Tamás Németh, F.M.
Chair of Section IV

György Kosztolányi, F.M.
Chair of Section V

Gábor Stépán, F.M.
Chair of Section VI

Ferenc Joó, F.M.
Chair of Section VII

László Fésüs, F.M.
Chair of Section VIII

Iván Bélyácz, F.M.
Chair of Section IX

Attila Vörös, F.M.
Chair of Section X

Jenő Sólyom, F.M.
Chair of Section XI

Members elected by the General Assembly

Miklós Szabó, F.M.
József Bokor, F.M.
Tivadar Tulassay, F.M.

Members elected by the General Assembly to represent Doctors of Science

Enikő Bollobás, DSc
István Fábián, DSc
György Pósfai, DSc

Representing Regional Committees of the MTA

András, Roósz F.M.
Chair of Miskolc Regional Committee

Representing the Council of Research Executives

Károly Fazekas, DSc
Director, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Péter Lévai, C.M.
Director, Wigner Research Centre for Physics

Pál Ormos, F.M.
Director, Biological Research Centre, Szeged

Consulting members

Vilmos Csányi, F.M.
Editor-in-Chief of Magyar Tudomány

Károly Kocsis, C.M.
Chair, Hungarian Science Abroad Presidential Committee

József Bódis, DSc
President of the Hungarian Rectors' Conference

Gábor, Náray-Szabó, F.M.
President of the Supervisory Committee

Ernő Zalai, F.M.
President of the Doctors' Council

Other invited members of the Secretariat

Andrea Balla
Head of the President's Secretariat

Annamária Szabó
Head of the Secretary-General's Secretariat