Statement of the Visegrad Group Academies Forum on the recent terrorist attack and the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in Israel and Gaza and in support of the innocent

2023. október 19.

During its annual meeting on 18–19 October 2023 in Warsaw, the Visegrad Group Academies Forum agreed on the following statement.

The Visegrad Group Academies stand in shock and horror of the terrorist acts of inhuman brutality committed by Hamas in Israel and the Gaza Strip. We express our profound sympathy to the victims’ families and traumatized civilians as they struggle to recover from this vile aggression.

Presidents of Visegrad Academies
From left to right: Marek Konarzewski, Eva Zažímalová, Pavol Šajgalík, Tamás Freund
Source: Polish Academy of Sciences

The Visegrad Group Academies condemn all forms of terrorism and military aggression claiming innocent lives. We express our deepest concern about the prospect of the escalation of violence that would only increase the already unbearable suffering of the vulnerable on both sides.

The Visegrad Group Academies firmly believe that science, cognition and education may serve as a crucial instrument to enhance mutual understanding and acceptance between nations torn by deep-rooted tensions and historic strife. We share the hope that passions and seething anger may still cede their place to conflict resolution and peaceful cooperation.

Prof. Tamás Freund
Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Marek Konarzewski

Polish Academy of Sciences

Prof. Pavol Šajgalík
Slovak Academy of Sciences

Prof. Eva Zažímalová
Czech Academy of Sciences