New Hungarian members elected to Academia Europaea

Academia Europaea has elected five new researchers working in Hungary, among them academicians and Doctors of the MTA. Currently, the organizations has 121 members from Hungary including the newly elected ones.

According to the organization’s database, there are five Hungarian researchers working in Hungary among the newly elected members. The following scientists were recently appointed as members of Academia Europaea: László Péter Bíró, academician; Balázs Győrffy, Doctor of the MTA; Gábor Lövei, Doctor of the MTA, Miklós Kellermayer, Doctor of the MTA; András Kornai, Doctor of the MTA; Zoltán Molnár, professor at the University of Oxford; Ákos Bertalan Apatóczky, associate professor at Károli Reformed University, Budapest. Currently, the organizations has 121 members from Hungary, including the newly elected ones.

The appointment of new members of Academia Europaea is a multilevel process, at the end of which a committee decides on the final list of candidates.

At present, the organization has over 4000 members, chosen from citizens of European countries, irrespective of their present dwelling place. The 22 sections of Academia Europaea include all fields of science: natural and life sciences, humanities and social sciences.

The objectives of the organizations include the popularization and spreading of European scientific results, the support of interdisciplinary and international scientific cooperation, and calling the public’s attention to the usefulness of scientific results.