MTA’s fundraising campaign for scientists and scholars fleeing the war in Ukraine

The objective of this humanitarian fundraising initiative is to provide financial support for the scientific community of Ukraine, in particular researchers and MTA’s public association members belonging to the Hungarian community of Kárpátalja (Carpathian Ruthenia), along with their families, as well as to help safeguard our scientific and cultural heritage.

2022. március 4.

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) has just recently launched its support programme, which has the double objective of, first, attempting to maintain the personal safety, wellbeing and normal living conditions of scientists – among them members of MTA’s public association – and their families who, in the wake of the war, have become displaced, and, second, of preserving Hungarian cultural and artistic heritage across the border with Ukraine. Drawing on its own resources, MTA is at the same time running a fundraising campaign seeking humanitarian donations for support of this programme.

Monetary donations can be sent to MTA’s bank account held at the Hungarian State Treasury. This number is: 10032000-01483556-00000000

When making the transfer, please write “Ukraine” in the message field.

Donors wishing to transfer money from abroad should use MTA’s other bank account, which is also held at the Hungarian State Treasury. This number is:
HU71 1003 2000 0148 3556 0000 0000 (IBAN)

For these transfers, donors should indicate the SWIFT code of the institution with which the account is held, which is the Hungarian State Treasury: HUSTHUHB, as well as the SWIFT code of the correspondent bank of the Hungarian State Treasury, which is the National Bank of Hungary: MANEHUHB.

When making the transfer, please write “Ukraine” in the message field.

MTA will make sure that all donations arriving to any of the above bank accounts will be separately held and managed in order to allow for a transparent monitoring of the targeted use of the entire amount donated.

MTA will issue continuous updates on the donations made and the use of the funds received.