MTA establishes title “Excellent MTA Institute”

The Presidium of the MTA established the title “Excellent MTA Institute” at their latest, extraordinary meeting.

An ad hoc presidential committee will determine the exact prerequisites for using the title “Excellent MTA Institute”. The committee is headed by József Bokor, Vice-President of the MTA. The members of the committee are as follows: Zoltán Rácz, head of MTA Section for Physical Sciences, György Kosztolányi, head of MTA Section for Medical Sciences, Zsolt Boda, Director General of the MTA Centre for Social Sciences, and Ferenc Nagy, Director General of the MTA Biological Research Centre, Szeged.

The Presidium of the Academy and the General assembly shall decide upon the recommendation of the committee through a resolution.

The Presidium decided that based on the excellent results of the performance audit of the research network the members of the research network still currently belonging to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences will be entitled to use the brand name “Excellent MTA Institute” for at least one year from 1 September 2019.

As reported earlier, the Academy had a comprehensive audit according to international standards in 2019 with the participation of Hungarian and international experts invited by the MTA and the ITM. The audit, which was completed in April 2019, proved that the research network of the MTA ranks as one of the most excellent research networks in Europe. The performance of the network is outstanding, and there are several research workshops on the cutting edge of science which can be regarded as national treasures.