MTA Centre of Excellence – Video of the certificate award ceremony

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), on the basis of the recommendation of the Qualification Council for Research Centres (KMT), has given the MTA Centre of Excellence Award to 95 Hungarian scientific workshops and institutions in recognition of their outstanding scientific work. The representatives of the research centres that have won the prestigious award received the certificates at a ceremony at the Széchenyi tér headquarters of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

2022. május 12.

A video of the ceremony can be viewed below:

“The quality and effectiveness of scientific research depend on the regular evaluation of the performance of research institutions, institutes and research groups in line with international standards,” reads the renewed academic mission, adopted by the 192nd Extraordinary General Assembly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in December 2019 with a 93% majority.

New chapter in the evaluation of scientific performance

For decades, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has performed a kind of quality assurance function by recognising individuals achieving scientific excellence with the title of MTA Doctor. Although it has lost its research network, it remains clear that

the Academy is an indispensable quality assurance base for the domestic research community.

The Academy strengthened this role and, at the same time, opened a new chapter in the evaluation of Hungarian scientific achievements when, in 2021, on the initiative of MTA President Tamás Freund, it extended the recognition of scientific excellence to scientific institutions by creating the Centre of Excellence Award.

By establishing the MTA Centre of Excellence Award, the Academy intends to provide

well-deserved recognition for the most outstanding Hungarian research centres, a realistic perspective for emerging ones, an objective view of the situation for interested Hungarian and foreign decision-makers, and an opportunity for those interested in the excellence of Hungarian science to become more well-informed about it.

The MTA Centre of Excellence Award is valid for five years; possession of it represents an advantage for the holder in terms of applications for research funding announced by the Academy. In receiving the Academy’s award, recipients can expect national and international recognition.

The evaluation criteria required for the award was developed by the presidential committee for the evaluation of applications, tasked by the Presidium of the Academy with the preparations for granting the “Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre of Excellence” or, in short, the “MTA Centre of Excellence Award”.

Qualification criteria

The Committee proposed to award the qualification of excellence on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Excellence of the researchers in the applicant’s organisational unit (based on their work career);
  2. Excellence of the scientific works of the research centre (self-assessment based on its most outstanding work over the last five years);
  3. Excellence of the research centre’s publications over the last ten years;
  4. Excellence of the research centre’s grant application record;
  5. Excellence in training the next generation of scientists;
  6. Excellence in the operation of the research centre;
  7. Excellence in the innovation and development activities of the research centre.

The eleven members of the presidential committee set up as the Qualification Council for Research Centres (KMT) was delegated by the various scientific departments.

Chairman of KMT: László Hunyady, full member of MTA.

László Acsády, corresponding member of MTA,
Csanád Bálint, full member of MTA,
Katalin É. Kiss, full member of MTA,
Katalin Kamarás, full member of MTA,
György Miklós Keserű, corresponding member of MTA,
Melinda Kovács, full member of MTA,
László Monostori, full member of MTA,
András Stipsicz, corresponding member of MTA,
Lajos Völgyesi, corresponding member of MTA,
József Vörös, full member of MTA.

114 valid applications were received by 14 June 2021, the submission deadline specified in the call for applications for the MTA Centre of Excellence Award, issued by the President of MTA. The applications were evaluated by anonymous reviewers proposed by the scientific departments, the scientific committees and departments of MTA and the Qualification Council for Research Centres.

In accordance with the bylaws of MTA, the proposal for granting the award was prepared by KMT and decided upon by the Presidium of MTA.

Following the decision of the Presidium, the Chairman of KMT informed the General Assembly about the outcome of the call for applications and the work of KMT. Afterwards, on 4 May 2022, the MTA Centre of Excellence certificates were presented to the representatives of the scientific workshops in a ceremony similar to that of the MTA Doctoral degrees.

Click here for the list of scientific workshops that have been granted the MTA Centre of Excellence Award.