MTA and ITM still in negotiations regarding joint scientific committee to manage research network

The Presidium of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has decided to continue negotiations with the Ministry for Innovation and Technology (ITM) during their latest extraordinary meeting on 25 July 2018.

16 August, 2018

It seems negotiations are proceeding towards an agreement on establishing a joint scientific committee of MTA and the Government to manage MTA’s research network, but not the whole of the Academy. Scientists representing the Government could establish a bilateral relationship between ITM and MTA. They could represent the interests of the Government and communicate the discoveries of the research network simultaneously and the results of international audits due every 2 or 3 years.

The Academy’s executives shall apply the guidelines established in the declaration of 25 July 2018 by the Presidency:

  • The research network’s financing should not be altered until the new managing system is initiated within the realm of MTA.
  • Concerning personal issues, the Academy should reserve its autonomous right to decide.
  • Already awarded grants and subsidies should be paid according to contract.
  • The topics for Lendület (Momentum), OTKA and postdoctoral grants should be chosen freely. The grants should be awarded solely on the grounds of scientific excellence, safe-guarded by the MTA.
  • The properties of the MTA’s Public Body should remain in the Academy’s possession.
  • The managing system and operation of the MTA’s research network must be ensured through stable legal guarantees.
  • The changes in the management of research centres and individual research institutes should not endanger their individual and undisturbed work, but should help their development.

As soon as negotiations reach a phase when detailed plans can be established, these should be presented to the Presidium for discussion.

According to legislation, the MTA is obliged to issue scientific resolutions in questions vital for the country and the public, both on the request of the Parliament or the Government and at their own initiative. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences is to continue work pursuant to the provisions of the law and to their own professional code.