MTA and ITM deliberate on Thursday

The leaders of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences received the standard text of the draft legislative provision aiming to cut the research network off the Academy from the ITM during the afternoon of 27 May 2019.

In his letter on 28 May, the President of the MTA informed the Minister of the ITM that the content of the standard text of the draft is unacceptable in its present form. He also added that the Academy wishes to exercise its legitimate right to comment on the draft of the legislative provision that concerns the basic operation of the Academy for which a proper and sensible deadline would also be required.

The ITM said they are ready to discuss the draft with the representatives of the Academy. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, 30 May.

Meanwhile, the Council of Research Unit Executives, i.e. the leaders of the research institutes, made a resolution about the amendment of laws concerning the Hungarian research, development and innovation system. The resolution was passed with no objections.

The leaders of the Lendület (Momentum) Research Groups, i.e. the most excellent young researchers of the MTA will also publish their resolution soon regarding the matter.

The Forum of Academic Workers (ADF) will be holding a pro-Academy rally on Sunday.