Katalin Solymosi, former co-president of Hungarian Young Academy, elected president of the Young Academy of Europe

At the annual general meeting of the Young Academy of Europe (YAE) on 9 October, Katalin Solymosi, a habilitated assistant professor at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) and former alumna and co-chair of MTA’s Hungarian Young Academy (FKA), was elected president of the organisation.

2023. október 24.

The Young Academy of Europe, founded in 2012, mainly by ERC Starting Grant winners, includes several Hungarian researchers. In addition to alumnus György Gyürky, the current members are Donát Alpár (Semmelweis University), Máté Csanád (ELTE), Csaba Cserép (Institute of Experimental Medicine), Enikő Kubinyi (ELTE), Gergely Röst (University of Szeged), Katalin Solymosi (ELTE), László Dávid Tárnoki (Semmelweis University), Péter Török (University of Debrecen) and Imola Wilhelm (Biological Research Centre of Szeged).

Solymosi Katalin

Membership in the YAE is by post-nomination ballot and is conditional on research excellence, independent group leadership, an interest in science policy and a PhD degree no more than twelve years old. More information about the organisation can be found on this page.

YAE held its annual general meeting in Munich on 9 October 2023. The new members were welcomed, the professional and financial report was given, and the scientific presentations of three new members were held, after which the membership voted on the new board.

Three seats on the twelve-member Board became vacant this year, and through a secret ballot, the members elected Jihan Zakariyya (University of Oslo, Norway), Marc Yeste (University of Girona, Spain) and Philippa Warren (King’s College London, UK).

The members put their confidence in Scott Bremer (University of Bergen, Norway) by voting for him as vice-chair for another year and elected Katalin Solymosi as the new president. Solymosi, who was previously vice-chair of the organisation, received 100% of the votes.

The annual general meeting concluded with a leadership training workshop moderated by Susie Edwards (WonderIf) and a presentation of the participants’ scientific and artistic work as part of the fourth edition of this year’s Arts and Science programme series.