Inaugural lecture: Lajos Hanzo

The inaugural lecture of Lajos Hanzo, newly elected foreign member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences took place at the Academy on the 30th August.

2016. augusztus 30.

Wireless Myths, Realities and Futures: from Classic Radio-frequency to Visible-light and Quantum-solutions

Lajos Hanzo
Southampton Wireless
School of Electronic and Computer Science
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ, UK
lh [at] ecs [dot] soton [dot] ac [dot] uk


Since Marconi demonstrated the feasibility of radio transmissions, researchers have endeavoured to fulfill the dream of flawless ’tele-presence’ - at the touch of a dialling key relying on the future wireless solutions to be discussed in this inaugural.

Commencing with a light-hearted historical perspective on the generations of wireless systems, it is demonstrated that the demand for popular wireless communications services far outstrips the increase in system capacity. Hence the prevalent trend is to move to ever-higher carrier frequencies in the electromagnetic spectral domain. In this context a brief excursion is offered through the realms of optical wireless communications, before revealing another imminent limitation imposed by the on-going miniturization of the nanoelectronics components obeying Moore’s law. Indeed, this on-going miniturization will imminently lead to new types of impairments encountered by quantum-electronics components. It will also be demonstrated that the powerful parallel processing capability of quantum-search algorithms can be invoked for solving largescale search problems often encountered in wireless communications.

In parallel to our four-decade tour of enabling techniques it is also demonstrated that the above-mentioned large-scale optimization problems require powerful multicomponent optimization techniques, which necessitates a paradigm-shift from the classic single-component bandwidth- or power-efficiency optimization. A number of compelling application scenarios, such as vehicular ad hoc networks, aueronautical ad hoc networks and cooperative drone-networks will be used as our near-future applications. We will use radically new quantum-search techniques for solving a multicomponent network-optimization problem.

Lajos Hanzo is a Foreign Member of the MTA, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, of the IEEE, of the IET and of the EURASIP. During his career in telecommunications he has held various research and academic posts in Hungary, Germany and the UK. Since 1986 he has been with the School of ECS, University of Southampton, UK, where he holds the Chair in Telecommunications. He co-authored 18Wiley - IEEE Press books and 1600+ research contributions at IEEE Xplore.

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