Founding member MTA re-joins Science Europe in new capacity

After three years, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has returned to the influential scientific advocacy organisation as a research funding institution.

2022. június 10.

Although the Academy was a founding member of Science Europe in 2011, it left the influential European science organisation following the separation of the research network in 2019, as it was no longer considered a research or research funding organisation.

Since then, however, the MTA has relaunched its research funding activities, so there was a natural need to “revive” its membership in Science Europe. Given its current status, it submitted its new membership application as a research funding organisation.

The admission process ran along the general rules: Science Europe’s Governing Board supported the application of the MTA, whereupon the organisation’s General Assembly voted in favour of the Academy’s membership at its May meeting. “It is an honour for the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to re-join Science Europe, an organisation we had participated in since its foundation of 2011 as a research-performing organization. We consider our reinstated membership as a research-funding organisation as the acknowledgement of the dedication of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to work for the future of European science. We truly appreciate being part of an association which brings together major European research organizations and plays a pivotal role in shaping the European and the global scientific agenda,” MTA President Tamás Freund said after the decision.

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