Eric Hanushek’s lecture at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – video of the event at the Academy

Eric Hanushek is a professor at Stanford University and one of the world’s best-known and most influential researchers in the field of the economics of education. He has conducted research in many areas over the course of his career, examining the qualities of good teachers, the impact of class-size reduction, school accountability and, more latterly, the relationship between countries’ skill levels and economic growth. Professor Hanushek recently gave a lecture at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. You can see the video of this lecture in our article.

2023. február 28.

In his welcoming speech, Tamás Freund, President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, said that besides its role in the production of scientific knowledge, the Academy is committed to the increasingly important task of enriching the personal knowledge of citizens; that is, education.

Tamás Freund Photo: / Tamás Szigeti

As part of this, the MTA has launched a series of public lectures inviting the most prominent figures in international science to the Academy – people whose research has contributed greatly to a better understanding of the fundamental processes of learning and teaching and of the socio-economic role of education.

The welcoming speech by Tamás Freund can be read here.

In the third lecture in this series, Eric Hanushek spoke, among other things, about what improving the educational attainment of Hungarian students would mean for future economic prosperity based on historical patterns, and how the spread of artificial intelligence is impacting the demand for quality education.

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Video of the lecture given at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Eric Hanushek: the most important thing in a school is the ability of its teachers –’s interview with the professor.