Elected chief officers of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The full-time leaders of the Academy are the President, the Secretary-General and the Deputy Secretary-General.

They are all Hungarian academicians who are elected for three years by the General Assembly. Correspondingly, the three Vice-Presidents also serve three year terms.

In accordance with the Academy’s charter, the President is responsible for the management of the operations of the Academy based on decisions and resolutions made by the General Assembly, and also acts as the authorized representative of the Academy, exercising ownership rights regarding the Academy’s property.

The Secretary-General manages the Secretariat of the Academy.

The Secretary-General is assisted by the Deputy Secretary-General, who acts as a substitute for the Secretary-General when necessary.

Vice-Presidents are assigned tasks delegated to them by the President and are accountable to the General Assembly.

President of the MTA

Tamás Freund

(Zirc, 14.06.1959)
academician, research professor, university professor

VIII. Section of Biological Sciences
full member: 2004, corresponding member: 1998

Tamás Freund Source: mta.hu

Research area: structure and function of the cerebral cortex, generation and function of oscillations, epilepsy and ischaemic brain damage, pathomechanisms of anxiety and addiction, function of the endocannabinoid signalling system

Major awards: The Brain Prize (2011), Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary (2011), Széchenyi Prize (2005), Academy Prize (1997)

Secretary-General of the MTA

László Péter Kollár

(Budapest, 04.01.1958)
academician, university professor

VI. Section of Engineering Sciences
full member: 2007, corresponding member: 2001

László Péter Kollár Source: mta.hu / Tamás Szigeti

Research area: composite structures, support structures and earthquake design

Major awards: Széchenyi Prize (2015)

Deputy Secretary-General of the MTA

Anna Erdei

(Budapest, 15.01.1951)
academician, research group leader, university professor

VIII. Section of Biological Sciences
full member: 2010, corresponding member: 2004

Anna Erdei
Source: mta.hu / Tamás Szigeti

Research area: development of immune response, regulation of immune processes, role of innate immune elements (complement system, mf, DC), link to adaptive immune system, lymphocyte activation

Major awards: Széchenyi Prize (2011), Arnold Ipolyi Prize (2014)


Vice-President, Life Sciences

György Kosztolányi

(Szekszárd, 10.03.1942)
academician, professor emeritus

V. Section of Medical Sciences
full member: 2007, corresponding member: 2001

György Kosztolányi Source: mta.hu

Research area: clinical genetics
Major awards: Széchenyi Prize (2013), Academy Prize (1999)

Vice-President, Social Sciences

Vanda Lamm

(Budapest, 26.03.1945)
academician, research professor emerita

IX. Section of Economics and Law

full member: 2013, corresponding member: 2007

Vanda Lamm Source: mta.hu / Tamás Szigeti

Research area: law, international law
Major awards: Academy Prize (1995), Deák Ferenc Prize (2012)

Vice-President, Natural Sciences

Ferenc Hudecz

(Budapest, 12.09.1952)
academician, university professor

VII. Section of Chemical Sciences
full member: 2016, corresponding member: 2010

Ferenc Hudecz Source: mta.hu/ Tamás Szigeti

Research area: peptide and protein chemistry, biomolecular chemistry, immunochemistry
Major awards: Pro European Peptide Society Award (2016), Academy Prize (1996)