5+1 facts you must know about the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

What are the Academy’s tasks? Why is exploratory research important? Who exactly work in the research centres? What guarantees the independence of scientific research?

The MTA’s task is to support Hungarian research in and outside Hungary in order to promote the development of our country and nation.

The Academy is the centre of exploratory research in Hungary. New future technologies and our fresh knowledge about the world and humanity all stem from exploratory research.

The MTA has several research centers with 3000 internationally recognized, excellent researchers. This is a national treasure enhancing the reputation and strength of our country.

The Academy has been an independent institution ever since it was founded in 1825, and its independence was maintained under all democratic governments. One of the greatest achievements of the regime change in 1989 was that the independence of the Academy was granted by law.

A prerequisite for the Academy’s scientific independence is that the Academy should decide alone on how to use government subsidies, solely on scientific grounds. The amendment suggested by the government at present will not guarantee this independence any more.


The Hungarian Academy of Sciences is ready to cooperate in the formulation of a new scientific policy and innovation strategy for Hungary, which serves our national aims. All this, however, needs time and mutual trust.