9th Budapest Visual Learning Conference



2020. november 26. 15.00-18.00 óra között


közvetítés, élőben


Having safety in mind, and seeing the given limits, it has been decided that the 9th Budapest Visual Learning Conference will be a purely online event. We hope however to make this conference into an interesting and rewarding occasion. Building on earlier experiences of the Department of Technical Education, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the idea is to create a Linked Video Microcontents Pre-Conference Material (LIVMI). Confirmed participants will send us, by October 20 the latest, a five-minutes video talk, along with a 4000 characters text which should closely correspond to the talk. We will upload to the internet the videos and the texts, establish dense links between each talk, and make this linked ensemble publicly available well before the live online event, which is to happen on the 26th of November, from 15:00 to 18:00. After the event, in the course of the first months of 2021, we will put together an edited volume based on the conference.



Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem (BCE)

Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem (BME)

MTA Filozófia- és Történettudományok Osztálya


Prof. Benedek András