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05 August 2022 | AM 11

Webinar by the Hungarian Young Academy and the AE Budapest Knowledge Hub on membership in international young academies

A late-summer webinar to encourage young researchers to apply for membership in international young academies

HYA, the Hungarian Young Academy, in collaboration with the AE Budapest Knowledge Hub, is organizing a webinar for young Central-European researchers on the activities of the Young Academy of Europe (YAE) and the Global Young Academy (GYA), aiming to highlight the benefit of membership in these organizations. The webinar will take place on August 22, 2022, starting at 11:00 AM (Budapest time). The language of the event will be English. The speakers for YAE are Dr Gemma Modinos (chair) and Dr Katalin Solymosi (YAE vice-chair for recruitment, HYA co-president and co-chair of “The Danube Region” thematic mission of the AE Budapest Hub). The GYA will be represented by Dr Gergely Toldi (GYA alumnus and former member of GYA’s Selection Committee, co-chair of the “Widening European Participation” thematic mission of the AE Budapest Hub) and Dr Éva Dékány (GYA member). The speakers will present the activities and application procedures of the two international young academies and will give useful tips to future applicants. The current deadline for submission of GYA membership applications is September 15, 2022. Membership applications to YAE may be submitted all year round. Registration link on Zoom (Please note that participants will receive the Zoom link to the webinar after registration):

For more details please contact Dr Éva Dékány at dekanyeva [at] nytud [dot] hu.