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12 September 2022 | PM 4

AE Budapest Hub's "Danube Region" thematic mission involved in "Student Conference on Conservation Science"

The Centre for Ecological Research in Hungary is the lead-organizer of the upcoming "Student Conference on Conservation Science" event - the AE Budapest Hub's Danube Region mission joins in the organization work

The "Student Conference on Conservation Science" (SCCS) series started in Cambridge 21 years ago. Hungary joined as an organizer hosting the event in 2015, when the first SCCS took place at Lake Balaton, in Tihany. With sister conferences at locations such as Cambridge, Brisbane, Beijing, Bangalore, New York and Tihany, the SCCS is an international series of conservation conferences aimed at students and early-career scientists.

This year's SCCS at Lake Balaton will be held in Balatonvilágos, a new venue after a couple of events already held at Tihany over the past few years. The programme will start on 14 and end on 17 September 2022. The head of the organizing and scientific committee for the conference is Professor András Báldi, MAE, Co-chair of the AE Budapest Hub's "Danube Region" thematic mission. Among this year's keynote speakers, the AE Budapest Hub is pleased to welcome Tibor Hartel, a newly-elected member of Academia Europaea from Romania, who is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca. His background is in animal ecology, but he has grown increasingly interested in social-ecological systems, ecosystem services and human-nature connections and a close collaboration with decision-makers and the civil society to protect ancient wood-pastures, large carnivores and urban biodiversity. At the SCCS he will be delivering a plenary speech entitled "Nature conservation as a transdisciplinary adventure: insights from Romania".

For more details about the upcoming event, go to the conference website. Given the relevance of the SCCS themes for the AE Budapest Hub's own sphere of interests, the Hub is glad to be involved in the realization of this year's event. As soon as video recordings or speakers' presentations become available, we will upload them on our AE Budapest Hub website.