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13 February 2023 | PM 12

Science Education Can Build Bridges - The upcoming workshop organized under the "Methodology of Science Education" thematic mission of the AE Budapest Hub

The AE Budapest Hub is organizing its next workshop on science education on 20 February 2023

The Academia Europaea Budapest Knowledge Hub is organizing a workshop entitled "Science Education Can Build Bridges", which is the third edition of a workshop series launched within the framework of the Budapest Hub's thematic mission for methodology of science education.

The date and time is: 20 February 2023, 14:00-16:30 hrs (CET)

The format of the event will be hybrid, meaning that the audience are welcome to attend in person at the Palace of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (address: 1051 Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 9.) or to follow the live streaming of the event at the YouTube channel of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The workshop will be hosted and moderated by Professor Csaba Pléh, MAE and Dr Eszter Gselmann, Member of Hungarian Young Academy, Co-Chairs responsible for the Hub’s thematic mission for the methodology of science education. The panel discussion will be moderated by Professor Benő Csapó, Chair of the Presidential Committee on Public Education of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Although registration is not required, anyone interested is kindly requested to reply to aebudapest [at] office [dot] mta [dot] hu if they wish to attend and indicate whether their attendance will be in-person or online.

Agenda of the workshop:

14:00-14:10 Opening remarks – by Professor Csaba Pléh (Co-Chair for Methodology of Science Education of the AE Budapest Hub, Hungary)

14:10-14:30 Engaging secondary students in physics learning through project-based learning – by Professor Jari Lavonen (Professor of Physics and Chemistry Education, University of Helsinki, Finland)

14:30-14:35 Q&A

14:35-14:55 New possibilities in teaching methodologies of science education – by Professor Miia Rannikmäe (Professor in Science Education, Head of the Centre for Science Education, University of Tartu, Estonia)

14:55-15:00 Q&A

15:00-15:20 An experimental study on adaptive science education in primary school – by Professor Dr Eckhard Klieme (Research Fellow, DIPF - Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education, Germany)

15:20-15:25 Q&A

15:25-15:45 Supporting early science learning with online assessment – by Professor Benő Csapó (University of Szeged; Chair of MTA’s Presidential Committee on Public Education, Hungary)

15:45-15:50 Q&A

15:50-16:20 Reflections on the four lectures – Q&A (panel discussion moderated by Professor Benő Csapó)

16:20-16:30 Closing remarks – by Dr Eszter Gselmann (Co-Chair for Methodology of Science Education of the AE Budapest Hub, Hungary)