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Members of the Hungarian Young Academy support Ukrainian researchers and students

The members of the Hungarian Young Academy offer support services (positions in their labs, thesis supervision and the possibility of attending university lectures or conferences) for students and researchers fleeing Ukraine.

2022. április 6.

The Hungarian Young Academy, similarly to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and numerous Hungarian universities and research institutes, follows the news about Russia’s war in Ukraine with the deepest concern. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and many of us have joined the exemplary charity initiative of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to help researchers fleeing Ukraine.
We welcome the opportunities made available by the
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In the current situation, higher education students and young researchers have also been forced to leave their homes and interrupt their studies and research. The members of the Hungarian Young Academy would like to offer ― within their current possibilities ― job opportunities, participation in university courses or conferences in English and Hungarian, and thesis supervision in order to prevent the fleeing Ukrainian students and researchers from losing their connection to the scientific community as much as possible. Further details can be found here.

To participate in these offers and to get more information, especially regarding the relevant regulations of the individual universities and institutions, please use the personal contact details in the spreadsheet.