Council of Research Institutes, AKT

MTA establishes and maintains research institutes in the fields of the natural and social sciences. It also operates such other institutions of learning as libraries, archives, systems of information, etc. as well as it subsidises research groups at universities and public collections. Currently, there are 44 research institutes operated by MTA. Corporate supervision of the research network is performed by the Council of Research Institutes (AKT).

AKT has 15 members. Its chair is the Academy's General Secretary, 11 of its members are nominated by the 11 scientific sections from among their public-law association members employed not as directors in the research network, on the recommendation of their members active in the research network. Nominees are then elected for membership in the AKT by the General Assembly. Another 3 members with voice but no vote are delegated by the Government from among leading officials of government agencies whose experience in administration or research organisation may contribute to the efficient governance of the Academy's research network.

The exact procedural and operational rules of setting up the AKT are given in the Statutes.

It is the duty of AKT

  1. to approve the objectives and duties of units of the research network;
  2. to determine the standards and indicators of evaluating of performance of those duties;
  3. to recommend budgetary support for each institution;
  4. to recommend how the Academy's resources earmarked for research investments should be designated and targeted;
  5. to recommend the division of available posts for young researchers among field of science and research units;
  6. to evaluate the progress reports, activities, and management system of research centres, institutes, and units;
  7. to submit a report to the General Assembly on the acitivies of research units;
  8. to comment on the Academy's draft report to the Government on the performance of its public duties;
  9. to approve the organisational and operational regulations of research centres institues, and OSRU;
  10. to nominate members into the external counselling bodies of research institutes;
  11. to designate professional committees assisting groups of institutes in the natural, the life, and the social sciences respectively to prepare their decisions more professionally.


Ádám Török, F.M., Secretary General of MTA


Barnabás Jenes, Head of Department of Research Institutes of MTA

Members Elected by the General Assembly of MTA

Balázs Borsos, D.Sc.
Enikő Csukovits, D.Sc.
Tamás Péter Dóczi, F.M.
Béla Iván, C.M.
Katalin Kamarás, C.M.
Zoltán Kovács, D.Sc.
Ferenc István Nagy, C.M.
András Körösényi, D.Sc.
Kálmán László Rajkai, D.Sc.
András Stipsicz, D.Sc.
József Váncza, PhD

Standing Members:

László Lovász, F.M., President of MTA
Beáta Mária Barnabás, F.M., Deputy General Secretary of MTA
Szabina Török, D.Sc. MTA AKT Maths and Natural Sciences Board
Melinda Kovács, C.M., MTA AKT Life Sciences Board
Ilona Pálné Kovács, C.M., MTA AKT Social Sciences Board
Károly Fazekas, C.Sc.
Annamária Szabó, Secretariat of MTA
Andrea Balla, Secretariat of MTA

Consulting Members Delegated by the Government:

Rita Köteles, Ministry of Human Resources;
Péter Pál Szalai, Prime Minister's Office;
Antal Nikodémus, Ministry for National Economy; Delegate of the Ministry of National Development

Professional Committees of the AKT:

Maths and Natural Sciences Board (2015-2018)

Chaired by:
Török Szabina, D.Sc.

András Benczúr, PhD
Tamás Bíró, D.Sc.
Mátyás Domokos, D.Sc.
István Faragó, D.Sc.
László Gránásy, D.Sc.
János Józsa, C.M.
Károly Kocsis, C.M.
János Lábár, D.Sc.
György Tamás Kovács, D.Sc.
Katalin Ilona Oláh, D.Sc.
Tibor Soós, PhD
András Tompos, PhD
Viktor Wesztergom, C.Sc.

László Redler, dr. univ., MTA Secretariat
Telephone: + 36 1 411-6362
E-mail: redler [dot] laszlo [at] titkarsag [dot] mta [dot] hu

Life Sciences Board (2015-2018)

Chaired by:
Melinda Kovács, C.M.
Email: kovacs [dot] melinda [at] ke [dot] hu

László Buday, C.M.
István Katona, D.Sc.
Levente Kiss, D.Sc.
Zoltán Magyar, PhD
Csaba Márton L., D.Sc.
László Siklós, D.Sc.
András Varró, D.Sc.
Lajos Vörös, D.Sc.

Domonkos M. Nagy, MTA Secretariat
Telephone: +36 1 411-6206
E-mail: mnagy [dot] domonkos [at] titkarsag [dot] mta [dot] hu

Social Sciences Board (2015-2018)

Chaired by:
Ilona Pálné Kovács, C.M.

Nándor Bárdi, PhD
Anna Dalos, PhD
Tamás Fleischer, C.Sc.
Mária Gósy, D.Sc.
Imre Kovách, D.Sc.
Balázs Gusztáv Mende, PhD
Árpád Mikó, D.Sc.
János Pótó, PhD
Gábor Schweitzer, PhD
László Szörényi, D.Sc.
Gábor Vargyas, D.Sc.
István Winkler, D.Sc.

Balázs János Véber, PhD, MTA Secretariat
Telephone: +36 1 411-6257
E-mail: veber [dot] janos [at] titkarsag [dot] mta [dot] hu