Application for the post of Director (senior manager) at the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Under Articles 20/A and 20/B of Act XXXIII of 1992 on the Legal Status of Public Employees, the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is inviting interested parties to submit applications for the post of Director (senior manager) at the

Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Duration of the public employee status:

Appointment to public employee status will be for an indefinite period and for full time employment, whereas the post of senior manager may be held for a maximum period of 5 years.


Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1083 Budapest, 43 Szigony u., Hungary

The Director’s responsibilities include:

  • performing tasks relating to the activities of the scientific researcher,
  • managing and coordinating the scientific activities of the Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as “Institute”), acting as its fully authorized representative,
  • making sure that the Institute implements its scientific strategy and executes its basic tasks,
  • coordinating the work that is carried out at the Institute, exercising management rights with respect to the budget and employer’s rights with respect to the public employees,
  • strengthening the scientific role of the Institute in Hungary and abroad.

Requirements to be fulfilled with respect to scientific performance and financial management of the Institute:

  • coordination of the scientific activities of the Institute and enhancement of its scientific accomplishments,
  • making sure that the Institute responds with maximum efficiency to competitive calls in Hungary and abroad, and boosting the level of efficiency already achieved,
  • utilization of the scientific findings of the Institute and communication to the public of the usefulness of these findings for society.


Remuneration including the salary due to public employee and the salary due to senior manager, as well as allowances, shall be determined and paid in accordance with the provisions of Act XXXIII of 1992 on the Legal Status of Public Employees (hereinafter, using its Hungarian acronym, referred to as “Kjt.”) and Government Decree 84/2011 (26 May) (hereinafter, using its Hungarian acronym, referred to as “Kjt. V.”).

Eligibility criteria:

  • a clean criminal record,
  • a Candidate of Sciences or a PhD degree required as a minimum,
  • an internationally acknowledged, outstanding track record in research that belongs to any of the fields in the Institute’s interests,
  • experience in managing a research establishment or a research unit,
  • command of at least one world language at the level necessary for delivering presentations.

It is an advantage if the applicant:

  • has a qualification in management and organisation,
  • has a qualification in finance and/or economics.

Supporting documentation and certificates to be submitted along with the application:

  • a concept paper outlining the applicant’s ideas about how the Institute will be managed and developed, and about how its scientific programme will be implemented,
  • a detailed curriculum vitae,
  • a statement about the applicant’s scientific degree and command of foreign languages,
  • a description of the applicant’s scientific activities and achievements to date,
  • a detailed and precise bibliographical list of the scientific articles, studies and books written by the applicant,
  • scientometric data related to the applicant (the number of scientific publications to date and the number of citations of those publications, the H-index, other relevant indicators used in the given scientific field),
  • a concise personal presentation together with a photo, which, in the event of acceptance of an offer upon a successful application, can be made public on MTA’s website and in other information material produced by MTA.

The documents listed above have to be submitted on an electronic medium or via e-mail sent to the address humanpol [at] titkarsag [dot] mta [dot] hu (in MS Word format), too.

  • an official certificate of criminal record not older than 3 months,
  • a photocopy of each of the certificates proving respectively the qualifications, scientific degrees and titles as well as foreign language skills (if the said documents were issued in a language other than Hungarian, their attested (certified) translation also has to be submitted),
  • a statement concerning the applicant’s current workplace, position, pay grade and step and salary,
  • a declaration in which the applicant authorizes not only the person issuing the call and the members of the evaluation committee but also the bodies of MTA entitled to review the applications, such as the members and representatives of MTA’s scientific sections as well as the research staff of the Institute, to have access to the content of his/her application package; in the declaration the applicant should also give his/her consent to the processing of his or her personal data contained in the application package inasmuch as such processing is necessary for the conduct of the selection procedure,
  • a statement giving consent to the use by MTA, in the event of a successful application, of the applicant’s concise curriculum vitae and photo for communication and information purposes.

Earliest starting date of employment: 1 January 2018.

Time limit for submission of applications: 1 September 2017.

How to apply:

Applications have to be submitted by post to the Independent Department for Human Relations of the Secretariat of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (data processing registration number: NAIH-68608/2013) along with a cover letter addressed to the President of MTA. The postal address is 1245 Budapest, Pf. 1000. Please indicate on the envelope the reference number of this call for applications “2525/2017/HO” and the name of the position: Director – scientific researcher, MTA KOKI (the Hungarian acronym for the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences).

The process of evaluating applications:

Applicants will be invited for an interview by an ad hoc committee not later than 21 days after the time limit for submission of applications. The ad hoc committee will ask for the opinion of MTA’s scientific sections and for the respective opinions of the researchers of the Institute. Having set up a ranking list of applicants, the committee will report to the Council of Research Institutes of MTA. Having read the position of the Council of Research Institutes of MTA, the Secretary-General of MTA will submit a proposal to the President of MTA concerning the potential candidates. The decision on who will be offered the post of Director will be made by the President of MTA acting in his capacity as employer. The applicants will be informed about the outcome of the evaluation in writing and their application dossiers will be returned at the same time. Application dossiers which have not been received by the applicants upon delivery will be destroyed.

Deadline of the evaluation procedure: 30 October 2017.

Other information concerning the employer:

The legal standing of the Director: The Director as the highest ranking officer is solely responsible for the management of the Institute; he/she performs his/her duties as a public employee in a senior management position, working full time, forty hours per week. The President of MTA shall have the right to appoint the Director to the post of senior manager, to recall him/her, and to exercise basic employer’s rights over him/her. Other employer’s rights shall be exercised by the Secretary-General of MTA as powers delegated to him by the President of MTA.

The successful applicant will be appointed to public employee status in the position of “scientific researcher” for an indefinite period of time, subject to a probationary period of four months – unless otherwise provided for in the document of appointment drawn up by the Institute. The senior management position may be held for a maximum of five years or until the position holder turns 70. For a person to be eligible for a senior management position, he/she either has to be a public employee of the research institute concerned or has to be eligible for simultaneous appointment to public employee status along with appointment to the post of Director. Under Articles 41, 43, 43/D and 44 of Kjt. and under Kjt. V., in order for an applicant to be eligible for appointment to serve as Director in a senior management position, he/she has to make sure that he/she is not involved in any conflict of interest. Pursuant to Act CLII of 2007 on Certain Obligations to Declare Financial Interests, the Director of the Institute has to make a statement about his/her financial interests and assets.

This call for applications was published on the “Közigállás” website (national website for job vacancies in public administration) on 1 July 2017.

Dr. László Lovász
President of MTA