News and Views

  • Israeli Ambassador to Hungary’s Introductory Visit to New MTA President László Lovász


    Ilan Mor has been the ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to Hungary in Budapest since 2011. Discussed at his official visit were the maintenance of scientific relations between the two countries and their further possible expansion as well as the mutual organisation of public scientific lectures.

  • MTA Closes Unique Tripartite Deal counting on its Research Centre for Natural Sciences


    MTA Research Centre for Natural Sciences is to cooperate in order to manage and research big data on neuroscience by concentrating the resources of the research, health care, and business sectors. Pursuant to the deal which MTA concluded with the National Institute for Clinical and Neural Sciences and Teradata Hungary Ltd. certain neurological diseases will be studied by taking a new approach.

  • A Mixed Bag of Achievements in 2014 –Science Accomplishments by MTA Revealed


    In the research centres and institutes of MTA this year again a number of discoveries have been made that have been duly appreciated in scientific arenas both inside and outside Hungary. In our three-part end-of-the-year summary you can look at some of the varied activities and most important accomplishments of the MTA research network.

  • Winningers studies of how to improve methods for teaching in formal education


    As promised by President László Lovász , MTA is to provide funds for 15 one-year projects winning the contest of proposing effective new methods to be used in classroom teaching. On December 9, HUF 50 million was awarded by the MTA Presidential Council for Public Education to the winners from among 88 applications received in highly varied subjects.

  • „The Discussions, Both in Sopron and in Budapest, Have Been Very Stimulating"


    Earle Rolfe Williams, professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, conducts research on Schumann resonances: electromagnetic phenomena in the atmosphere maintained by global lightning activity. The researcher of the prestigious institution spends 3 months at the Geodetic and Geophysical Institute of MTA Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences in Sopron, Hungary.

  • Joining the Jedlik Cluster: MTA institutes team up to back green cars


    The MTA Centre for Energy Research and the MTA Research Centre for Natural Sciences have joined the Jedlik Cluster, a group of corporate actors commemorating pioneering electrician genius Ányos Jedlik, which coordinates efforts to introduce environmentally sound electric vehicles in Hungary. Supervised by the National Economy Ministry and the National Innovation Office, the cluster of industrial players seeks to promote the European Union's [...]

  • Transparent evaluation procedures focusing on performance and excellence: latest Doctors of MTA receive their diplomas


    Ninety MTA researchers were handed out diplomas certifying that they are now Doctors of MTA. The amendment of the Regulations for Obtaining a Doctoral Degree parallel with the overhaul of the whole of MTA have worked for less complicated procedures on conditions stricter, yet more transparent.

  • Part and whole – scientific wanderings in the world of human genomes and phytopathogens


    Essential research of living organisms targets complexity. The better we know the related particular factors of processes and interactions the better picture we can hope to obtain about biological systems. During the Festival of Science in Hungary András Falus spoke about scientific achievements in the genetic elements that determine human inheritance and László Palkovics of the phytopathogens that change our history.

  • Six young scientists introduced at MTA


    Six young students who belong to the youngest generation of researchers but have already had considerable experience in science were talking about their plans, objectives, motivation, and the roots for commitment to research status at the forum of Innodiak in the main building of MTA. The event held within the Festival of Science in Hungary put the education of the gifted in a different perspective.

  • Research in Materials Science: Japanese Model Revealed at MTA


    The attendants of the last lecture of the series of events organised to strengthen cooperation between Japan and the Visegrad 4 countries heard at MTA of the results of a variety of research projects in materials science, projects that could boost energy efficiency. The program director of the Japan Science and Technology Agency Teuro Kishi gave a comprehensive picture of his country’ plans in materials research.