News and Views

  • Part of Dohnányi’s estate from Florida lands in MTA Research Centre


    Researchers of MTA Momentum program have brought a new consignment of prominent pianist and composer Ernő Dohnányi’s estate to Hungary. The invaluable documents will enlarge the current Dohnányi estate safeguarded as a part of the national heritage at MTA Research Centre for the Humanities (MTA BTK).

  • "The Momentum Programme offers us a reliable vision of the future"


    Sponsored by MTA's Momentum Programme, Csaba Janáky explores long-term opportunities in producing fuels from industrial flue gases. A lecturer of Szeged University, Janáky has spent some time in the United States and now studies composite materials based on inorganic semiconductors and organic conducting polymers. He aspires to produce methanol and ethanol from carbon dioxide - harnessing sunshine.

  • Unexplained extinction 85 million years ago - Momentum-sponsored researchers explore Late Cretaceous fauna of Bakony area


    Over 10 000 bone remains have been found in the past 14 years at Iharkút, one of Europe's most important sites of Late Cretaceous vertebrates. The MTA-ELTE Momentum Dinosaur Research Group studies the animals and their circumstances prevailing in the Bakony Mountains area 85 million years ago.

  • MTA researcher’s paper in prestigious chemical journal


    Hungarian, Spanish and Indian researchers author the theoretical planability of homogeneous catalysis in a special issue of the British Chemical Society Reviews, one of the best chemical periodicals. András Stirling, a science counsel of MTA Research Centre for Natural Sciences is the Hungarian originator of a summary of the latest findings, several of which have been presented in his own contribution.

  • Sum(m)it 240 - MTA Rényi Institute of Mathematics stages international conference in combinatorics


    MTA Rényi Institute of Mathematics is holding a major international conference on combinatorics in honour of four Hungarian internationally acclaimed mathematicians. László Lovász, President of MTA, opened the event that marked the 60th birthday of Péter Frankl, Zoltán Füredi, Ervin Győri and János Pach.

  • New species of ticks identified by Hungarian researchers


    Ixodes ariadnae is the name given to a species of ticks so far unknown but discovered on bats and in bat caves by Hungarian scientists thanks to wide co-operation between scientists in Hungary with MTA Centre for Agricultural Research (MTA ATK) also participating.

  • Jordan's honorary consul in Hungary visits MTA in Budapest


    Making his introductory visit to Hungary, Zaid Naffa, the honorary consul of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Hungary was met by President of MTA László Lovász. Prospective host country of World Science Forum in 2017, Jordan is now to participate in organising the WS Forum in Budapest scheduled for 2015.

  • MTA organises conference on the challenges of aging societies


    The number of 65+ citizens in Hungary is likely to be 2 million by 2020 and the ratio of the same in Europe will be 25% by 2030. These forecasts and alternative scenarios of action were discussed by researchers, decisions-makers in departmental policies and the reps of civil societies and local governments within a program „Parliaments and Civil Society in Technology Assessment” (PACITA) coordinated by MTA.

  • "Momentum helps a young generation of researchers turn their abstract concepts into so many real things”


    Physicist Levente Tapasztó, a winner of MTA’s Momentum grant for excellence, who can now start up his Momentum research team at MTA Research Centre for Natural Sciences, is planning to create new materials and expose the principles of operation based on the physical phenomenon as well as test the feasibility of devising nano-electronic devices founded on them.

  • MTA honours five outstanding Hungarian mathematicians


    The accomplishments of five excellent Hungarian mathematicians, János Aczél, Ákos Császár, László Fuchs, István Gaál and János Horváth were lauded at a conference held by the Section of Mathematical Sciences of MTA in the central building of MTA. , Praising the achievements of the nonagenarian members of the group, also called “The Big Five”, was László Lovász, President of MTA.