News and Views

  • South-East Asian Ambassadors visit Academy


    József Pálinkás, President of MTA, has discussed issues of science diplomacy, relations between researchers, scientific cooperation and higher education with the Ambassadors to Hungary of some member countries of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN).

  • Weather, Climate and Safe Food Supply: Tom Beer lectures at MTA


    How do natural disasters impact food supply in developed and developing countries? What weather events hit Australia and what can experts do to avert them? Those are the topics inter alia that Tom Beer, an honorary member of MTA and the president of the International Geophysical Union spoke about at a joint meeting of MTA Presidential Commission on public education, and MTA Presidential Commisssion on Environmental Sciences.

  • “An Architect who Enjoyed the Confidence of the Academy” – MTA’s Arts Collection marks Miklós Ybl’s bicentennial


    To commemorate the bicentennial of the birth of Miklós Ybl, MTA and major history of architecture institutions have joined forces to stage a two-day conference and a small exhibition displaying designs hitherto unknown to the public. The two events are MTA’s contribution to the Miklós Ybl Memorial Year.

  • Novel device developed by MTA Momentum group to identify gravitational waves


    MTA-ELTE Momentum Research Network for Astrophysics has developed a special ultrasound microphone for the LIGO project established to detect gravitational waves. The instrument capable of filtering low frequency noise will be implemented in two plants of a laser interferometer observatory in the United States for the detection of gravitational waves.

  • MTA's new post-doctoral research fellowships


    Within the framework of MTA's postdoctoral fellowship programme, 83 young researchers from Hungary and abroad have now received post-doctoral fellowships to study for two years at the most efficient scientific workshops in Hungary. Two-thirds of the applications submitted for fellowships worth a total of HUF 400 million were accepted as worthwhile by the panel this year.

  • Digital Madách collection created by Library and Information Centre of MTA


    The Library and Information Centre of MTA has launched a trilingual website commemorating Imre Madách’s oeuvre and his The Tragedy of Man. Available in Hungarian, Slovak and English, the digital collection describes the life and work of this former member of MTA, displays the manuscript of The Tragedy, which was written over 150 years ago, and offers a virtual visit to a relevant exhibition.

  • MTA-SE Research Unit Reveals Unknown Genetic Background to Depression


    Having analysed the genetic material, mood and the amount of stress that thousands of individuals suffered, MTA-SE NPP&NC RG has demonstrated that the gene called galanin encoding cerebral neuropeptide and its receptors has a role in the development of depression. The results that may help enhance new and more efficient medication are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

  • MTA to supply higher education with supercomputers: press conference held


    Presented to the press at the headquarters of MTA was an IT development program worth HUF 2b, the largest project ever in the history of Hungary. Equipping universities in Hungary with supercomputers, the press was told, is a key to preserving the competitiveness of national R&D projects.

  • Yakov G. Sinai, an honorary member of MTA, receives this year’s Abel Prize


    The Abel Prize this year goes to Yakov G. Sinai, a mathematician of US-Russia descent and an honorary member of MTA. Of the 14 mathematicians honoured so far with the Abel Prize, a recognition of excellence in mathematics, something like the Nobel Prize in sciences, Endre Szemerédi is an ordinary member, Péter Lax, Lennart Carleson, Srinivasa Varadhan, Mikhail Gromov and Yakov G. Sinai are honorary members of MTA.

  • Getting Ready for Doing Science – EURODOC Conference


    At a two-day conference in Budapest staged by EURODOC, the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers, the professional recognition of junior researchers, the improvement of their living conditions, and establishing a network for PhD students across Europe are discussed. Welcoming those present at the opening ceremony of the event at MTA headquarters was President József Pálinkás.