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  • Results of MTA researcher to open up new avenues in developing novel drugs against flu


    As co-author of articles published recently in several prestigious journals Péter Horváth a research group leader at the MTA Biological Research Centre, Szeged studied the role of host cells in viral infections. Their latest results published in Science magazine may open up avenues in the development of novel treatments against IAVs, a great public health hazard.

  • "MTA's Visiting Scientist Program Offers a Great Opportunity to Start Further Collaborations"


    Japanese biologist Susumu Takamatsu, who arrived in Hungary in the beginning of September, joined the research on powdery mildew fungi in the MTA Centre for Agricultural Research. The scientist, who as a young researcher was enchanted by the aesthetics of powdery mildew fungi, is going to continue his research in Hungary for six months as a grantee of the Visiting Scientist Program of MTA.

  • "Momentum has brought me home”


    The results of István Kézsmárki, a head of a Momentum team, are very promising in a number of application areas from optical signal transfer through data storage to the development of a new diagnostic tool for malaria that could make a worldwide breakthrough. The scientist returning home from Germany is to continue his research at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

  • Science Academies of V4 Countries Strengthen Cooperation


    Representatives of the Academies of Sciences of the Visegrad Group are to meet in session in Prague this year. The subject matter to be discussed this time covers the chances of acting together as well as the regional aspects of Horizon 2020, the Research and Innovation Framework Program of the European Union. The event is organised every year.

  • Vice-President of Chinese Academy of Sciences visits MTA


    Ding Zhongli, Vice-President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and Ádám Török, General Secretary of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, had talks on co-operation between the two institutions, including the creation of joint laboratories.

  • MTA to fund research to enhance learning methods in formal education


    MTA President László Lovász has announced an open competition for educationists to suggest efficient in-class methods and the development of new procedures. The applications may come from any group of specialists in any discipline or school subject and the winners are expected to work out detailed research projects. Funds will be available in round two of the MTA competition.

  • Two Momentum Teams Identify Protein Responsible for the Development of Inflammatory Diseases


    MTA-SE Momentum Research group for Inflammation Physiology led by Attila Mócsai cooperating with MTA-SE Momentum Research Group for Lymph Physiology have discovered the basis for a new therapeutic method ahead. The family of proteins that are crucial in the formation of tumours also play a central role in the development of inflammatory diseases.

  • Participants of the Medicine in Proteins Program for Excellence in Protein Science Disclose their Findings at Conference


    The first conference of MedInProt covered the development of protein medicine in Hungary, a newly discovered process inducing inflammation, and the role of regulating proteins in the physiological mechanism of aging.

  • Latest Findings in Neuroscience Presented at an International Conference in MTA Facility in Tihany


    American, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian and Hungarian scientists convened in Tihany to discuss the structure and operation of the central nervous system. The conference organised in honour of László Záborszky, turning 70, an external member of MTA and a professor of the Institute and Laboratory for Neuroscience, Rutgers University received a letter of congratulations from János Áder, President of Hungary.

  • Ambassador of Iran pays introductory visit to President of MTA


    Iran and Hungary should expand scientific relations, said Ambassador Mohammad Reza Morshedzadeh when he paid an introductory visit to the President of MTA. László Lovász stressed the importance of further developing bilateral scientific relations.